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Photography is a key component to branding, marketing, and selling your product. All businesses use high-quality photos to catch the viewer's eye and market their products. Instead of spending countless hours (and money) styling and prepping for all the photos you need, stock photos are an effective way to add a professional polish to your products and brand. Professional images can be costly but there are a lot of online resources that offer free, beautiful stock photos. Here are my favorite websites that offer free (or inexpensive), professional stock photos. 


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Sometimes I get custom watercolor requests (which I love) and recently an old friend asked me to create a custom painting based on a John Donne poem, "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning." After reading the poem I was inspired to paint a night sky and the goal was a dark and beautiful sky (think evening a storm is rolling in) overlaid with the image you get when you take a long shutter-speed photo of the stars. I've published a post dedicated to the creative process behind the painting but, for now, I'll just share a few tips about how to paint the sky I created for this painting.