Paper by JLee


Paper by JLee is a specialty stationery shop dedicated to creating custom designs and paper goods so you can write, invite and celebrate!


Hey there! I'm Jennifer Whisenhunt, owner and designer of Paper by JLee. I’m a preservation architect by day and Paper by JLee artist by night. I call Kansas, Texas and New York home. I believe there is always time for Texas A&M football, “You've Got Mail” and the latest article on Curbed NY.

Paper by JLee grew out of my enjoyment of creating personalized art for family and friends. After years of being their go-to photographer and artist, they encouraged me to take the time to open Paper by JLee. I look forward to creating beautiful paper goods for you and your friends.

All products are personalized to meet your needs and style. Each stationery set is handmade (featuring watercolor or calligraphy), scanned, then laser printed on high quality cardstock. Every custom painting is hand painted by yours truly using professional quality watercolor paints. See something you like but want something slightly different? Shoot me an email to start a custom order. Let's get started! 

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