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I had the great pleasure of working on a wedding invitation suite for the sister of a very dear friend this year. This friend happens to have two lovely sisters and yes, I designed all three of their invitations because they are all wonderful ladies. But, guess what the real fun part was? They all three got married within a year! Do you remember Rachel’s wedding? Or Becca’s invitations? Yep, they’re sisters. And, now we have Sarah’s! Today, I am thrilled to share Sarah’s amazing wedding suite for her beautiful turquoise and fuchsia wedding.


Design, WeddingJennifer WhisenhuntComment

We have another set of fall wedding invitations for you this month! This wedding took place in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania at the bride's home church. The wedding colors were a gorgeous mix of navy and gold so we worked hard to create a custom invitation that would showcase this really beautiful color combination. 


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This past fall I worked on a custom watercolor for a dear friend. Her (super smart) husband was defending his dissertation and she was looking for a gift that incorporated his epitaph, the John Muir quote: "The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark." Check out the final design here!