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I have a beautiful French countryside home watercolor to share with you this month. This commission came to me mid-November last year and the client wanted the watercolor to be a Christmas gift for her mom. This quick turnaround meant I had to get to work quickly! No worries, this was a joy to work on and everything came together just in time for the holidays.


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I had the great pleasure of working on a wedding invitation suite for the sister of a very dear friend this year. This friend happens to have two lovely sisters and yes, I designed all three of their invitations because they are all wonderful ladies. But, guess what the real fun part was? They all three got married within a year! Do you remember Rachel’s wedding? Or Becca’s invitations? Yep, they’re sisters. And, now we have Sarah’s! Today, I am thrilled to share Sarah’s amazing wedding suite for her beautiful turquoise and fuchsia wedding.


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Photography is a key component to branding, marketing, and selling your product. All businesses use high-quality photos to catch the viewer's eye and market their products. Instead of spending countless hours (and money) styling and prepping for all the photos you need, stock photos are an effective way to add a professional polish to your products and brand. Professional images can be costly but there are a lot of online resources that offer free, beautiful stock photos. Here are my favorite websites that offer free (or inexpensive), professional stock photos.